Ball pit bawling- Wicked Wednesdays

Ahh the soft play.  A right of passage for all nappy wearing babes.  Its overpriced, overcrowded, dirty and loud… and kids love it.  Its an excuse for us mums to shove them off for an hour while we enjoy a watered-down coffee, plastic chairs and, hopefully, a chat for five minutes without being interrupted!

Well after paying for the entry of my little babe, her big sister (a veteran of the germ-ridden ball put) insisted on taking her into the ‘baby area’ with her to show her the ropes.

This was the face she pulled after massive child (seriously, go back to your own area) ran and jumped into the ball pit making a roaring sound. I also think she licked a ball.

Shame, I was really enjoying my cup of drain water.

Happy Wicked Wednesday!

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