If you ‘aint got family, nothing else is worth ‘avin

My granddad died last week.

We knew it was coming. As did he. The last conversation I had with my granddad was a few days before he died, he told me “Abby, one thing I’ve learnt, if you ‘aint got family, nothing else is worth ‘avin.” What he said was so simple, obvious even, but so poignant. In the end, it doesn’t matter what car you drive, how many holidays you’ve been on or (the biggie…) whether or not you own or rent a house. What matters are the memories you make with your loved ones. They are what stay with you, and stay with your loved ones even after you are gone. I love my granddad very much and I will really miss him.

So, with my granddad’s Feltham-Cockney accent ringing clear in my ears, as I’m sure it always will, I am determined to make the best memories I can with my family and not get so worked up about the other stuff.

This last week I have booked a holiday to Iceland for my 30th birthday with my husband and two girls. We are staying in a log cabin on a lake and I cannot wait. We have also made summer camping plans and are planning a big 8th birthday party for Bella. Another thing I have done this week is print photos. Memories which are now scattered all over my fridge, so I am reminded every day how lucky I am to have this life. My life and memories of all the holidays we’ve been on, days out with the kids, Christmas’s, birthdays, bread and butter days.

Photos of our families. Photos of our love story. Photos of our children.

And, of course, a photo of my granddad at his 70th birthday, making a speech about how lucky he was to have us all in his life.

Here’s to life, and living it.


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